• Certain Microfluidic Systems and Components Thereof and Products Containing Same (ITC Inv. No 337-TA-1100) (representing 10X Genomics, Inc.) (Respondent Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.) (Feb. 2020)

Tensegrity secured a major victory on behalf of 10X in this patent infringement matter against Bio-Rad before the International Trade Commission. Following hearing, each of 10X’s four asserted patents concerning gene sequencing technologies were found valid, and Bio-Rad was found to infringe three 10X patents in violation of Section 337. In February 2020, the ITC issued a Limited Exclusion Order and Cease and Desist Order prohibiting the importation of infringing Bio-Rad microfluidic products into the United States.

Tensegrity currently represents 10X against Bio-Rad in both plaintiff and defense actions in federal district court for the District of Massachusetts.

  • Auriga Innovations, Inc. v. Intel Corporation, HP Inc., et al., Case No. 6:20-cv-00779-ADA (W.D. Tex. 2020)

Within weeks after Tensegrity filed suit against Intel and several of its OEM customers in the Western District of Texas, alleging that Intel desktop and server processors infringed Auriga’s patents covering core features of tri-gate field effect transistors (“FinFETs”), Intel agreed to take a license and pay substantial license fees to Auriga to resolve the dispute.  See https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/wilan-a-quarterhill-company-announces-new-intel-license-agreement-301143532.html

  • Arista Networks, Inc. v. Cisco Systems, Inc., Case No. 5:16-cv-00923-BLF (N.D. Cal. 2018)

Tensegrity’s successful pursuit of antitrust claims against Cisco on behalf of Arista, based on Cisco’s anticompetitive conduct concerning its closure of the industry-standard Command Line Interface for networking equipment, along with Tensegrity’s successful invalidation of key Cisco patents, helped Arista turn the tables in its global patent battle with its larger competitor.  On the morning of the first day of trial on Arista’s claims, Tensegrity secured a settlement resolving all disputes between the parties and ensuring Arista’s freedom to operate.

  • Limelight Networks, Inc. v. XO Communications, LLC and Akamai Technologies, Inc., Case No. 3:15-cv-720-JAG (E.D. Va. 2018) and Akamai Technologies, Inc. v. Limelight Network, Inc., Case Nos. 1:16-cv-10253-GOA, 1:16-cv-12624-GAO (D. Mass April 2018)

Days before the first day of trial in Limelight’s suit against Akamai and following Tensegrity’s successful motions to limit the trial only to Limelight’s patent infringement claims (staying all of Akamai’s patent infringement counterclaims), Tensegrity secured a settlement including payment to Limelight and resolution of all claims in two ongoing litigations. This resolution marks the end of more than a decade of lawsuits between the competitors.

  • Certain Flash Memory Devices and Components Thereof (ITC Inv. No. 337-TA-1034) (representing Complainant Memory Technologies, LLC) (Respondents SanDisk LLC, Western Digital Corp. Western Digital Techs., Inc., SanDisk Ltd., SanDisk Storage Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., and SanDisk SemiConductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.) (June 2017)

Tensegrity brought suit against Western Digital and its subsidiaries before the International Trade Commission to enforce MTL’s patents covering flash memory systems.  Following Tensegrity’s Markman briefing and hearing before the ITC, Western Digital took a worldwide, perpetual license to MTL’s Memory Patents.

  • Intellectual Ventures I LLC v. Ricoh Americas Corp. and Ricoh Electronics Inc. (Case No. 13-cv-474-SLR) (D. Del. December 2016)

Days before the first day of trial, following the Court’s order stating that an adverse inference on infringement would be applied at trial as a consequence of Ricoh’s failure to provide discovery sought in Tensegrity’s motion to compel, and while IV’s motions for summary judgment of no invalidity were pending, the parties reached a confidential agreement resolving all claims.

  • Skyhook Wireless, Inc. v. Google Inc. (Civil Action Nos. 1:10-cv-11571-RWZ and 1:13-cv-10153-RWZ) (D. Mass. March 2015)

Following a string of substantial wins defeating Google’s summary judgment motions and striking significant portions of Google’s expert reports, Tensegrity secured a confidential eve-of-trial settlement for client Skyhook Wireless. The settlement resolved Skyhook’s claims against Google for infringement of Skyhook’s patents on Wi-Fi location technology. Tensegrity took over as trial counsel for Skyhook in 2013 after Skyhook had suffered several setbacks in litigation, including the invalidation of two patents and judgment in favor of Google on Skyhook’s state court claims.

  • Wake Forest University Health Sciences v. Kinetic Concepts, Inc., et al. (Consolidated Civil Action Nos. 11-cv-163 and 11-cv-713 XR) (W.D. Tex. June 2014)

On the eve of the jury trial, Tensegrity secured a settlement of $280 million for client Wake Forest University Health Sciences, resolving Wake Forest’s claims against KCI for infringement of its pioneering “wound VAC” patents and for breach of contract claims for KCI’s repudiation of the parties’ 1993 license agreement.