We bring deep technical and litigation expertise, combined with an unmatched experience and track record in trying large and complicated cases in every significant jurisdiction, to a practice primarily focused on high value patent enforcement. Our team is regularly ranked by clients, competitors and independent observers as one of the truly top trial teams in the country.


We concentrate in three principal areas:

(1) plaintiff contingency patent litigation;

(2) patent monetization for substantial companies, including where appropriate patent acquisition, licensing and enforcement; and

(3) high value defense matters for select clients, where our abilities and experience can add substantial value. In particular, because of our unmatched trial experience, we are often called to replace or supplement existing counsel on short notice for the trial of a matter that is weeks or a few months away. Such engagements are typically based on a fixed fee approach.


We believe the traditional law firm model is no longer suited to these types of matters, and is not in the best interests of clients or their lawyers. We believe a relationship based on delivering value, not hours, serves our clients’ needs much better.